Need a Program or Driver installed or re-installed?

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Whether it’s a new program, re-installing an old one, or updating a driver, we can help. Computer Guys of Orange County set up all types of software on a daily basis. Regardless if it’s on an Apple Macintosh or Windows based machine, we’ll install, configure, and update your software so it’s running smooth and proper.

Printer,  DVD, or Video not working properly? We can download, install, and configure drivers for your current or new hardware. Get the most out of your system by using the most up to date OEM drivers available.




Service OptionsONLINE
Install and configure your Software. (must provide license key if necessary)
Install updates.
Configure for optimum performance.
Test for proper functionality.

  • Can you install any software on my computer?
    • Not always, sometimes older hardware won’t support the newer software due to hardware constraints, but any software you purchase that’s compatable with your operating system we will be able to install and configure.
  • Will you install software if I don’t have the license or key?
    • No, I’m sorry we only install legal copies of licensed software.
  • Can you retrieve my MS Office key if i can’t find it?
    • Yes, as long as it’s currently on your computer, we have special software that can retrieve the key to allow us to re-install it for you.