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Computer Tune-up


  • (1 to 2 day turn-around)
    Does Not Include Virus Removal
$9900per hour
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  • windows and mac computer tune up

    Computer Running Slow? Bring it in today for a Computer Tune-up.

    We’ll run complete hardware scans, remove unnecessary software, optimize your Web browser, and more. Making sure your system is running at peak performance without issues.

    Our Computer Tune-up Includes:computer tune-up


    Hardware scan to check if all your hardware is running well. This will scan your hard drive, ram memory, graphics card, and motherboard to let us know if you have any hardware failures.


    Thorough scan and inspection of your operating system and other software. If your system is running slow, we’ll see if the slow speed can be addressed through software, eliminating a memory upgrade. It will also determine if your operating system is stable.


    A scan of entire system to determine that it’s free of viruses, spyware and other potentially harmful programs. These can
    lead to slow speed, system instability, and sometimes identify theft. Additional charge for removal if we fine anything.


    Removal of side covers and computer cleaning with compressed air to remove dust inside the case and the fans. This can lead to overheating which is very hard on the motherboard and cpu. It can also cause slow speed and many other issues.


    This will Optimize your hard drive so programs and files open faster. Now days this is taken care of by most operating systems, but it still needs to be checked and addressed.


    A removal of internet and operating system temporary files to free up hard drive space. Plus empty the trash and cache.


    Operating system (System Conmfiguration) adjustments for faster boot ups and shutdowns. Also make a faster internet browsing, this can make a big difference in your systems performance.


    We’ll check to be sure you have all the latest and correct OEM drivers installed so your system will preform at it’s best. Usually the generic Windows drivers won’t perform as well as the manufactures OEM drivers will.


    We’ll check to be sure you have all the latest updates installed and your system is still preforming with them. As you may have experienced, some updates can break things and have to be rolled back to an earlier version.


    Explanation of services performed, recommendations, and advice for your best system operation. In some cases an older machine may not be worth fixing, we’ll let you know and if necessary we’ll guide you in picking out a new system online, have it shipped directly to your home or office, then we’ll come over to set it up when it arrives.

    *Service does not include virus or spyware removal but the cost of the computer tune-up will go towards the virus removal cost if necessary. Some computers may require additional parts or service for a complete repair. Please consult our technicians for full details.

    In Store Only – Due to the amount of time it takes to do these thorough scans, and disk fragmentation, please allow two to three days turnaround time for this service.

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